I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

The title of this blog came to mind when I was outside this morning playing with my camera.  Photography is very frustrating for me.  I know what I want to take a picture of but not how, the correct settings are not intuitive yet, or the best lens and filters to use.  Some subjects always grab my interest, such as dogs and other animals sitting quietly or working, running and playing, or cloud formations, early morning sunrises and late afternoon sunsets.  With all of these subjects time is of the essence, hurry, focus and hit the button.

My Canon EOS Rebel T2i is a great starter camera, although I DO have a nice 35mm camera I got for a song at a divorce sale that is sitting on a shelf, unused for almost two or three decades.  Maybe learning about photography is best when one starts with an old-fashioned camera, with film, totally manual?

At one point recently I took a free class at the store where I bought my camera here in Pensacola.  The teacher, a young man, had graduated from Pensacola State College’s Photographic Technology Associate of Science degree program.  I later checked the college’s  class list.  Sure enough, to start their entry-level class you must have a basic 35mm camera.

At one time I considered myself a professional student, taking class after class long after I got my BA in German from Southeastern Massachusetts University which is now the  UMass, North Dartmouth campus.  (For the record German was a useless degree if there ever was one, thus my need to pursue classes for years afterwards that would help in everyday life.)  Now I’m wondering about taking PSC’s main courses on photography only.  I’ve fulfilled the general course requirements for a degree a long time ago and it’s not like I’m going to look for a job afterwards.  Sometimes I mull over decisions like this and talk myself out of it.  Who knows where this bug for photography answers will take me.  At least I could spend one-hundred percent of my time in class learning and not cruising for boys.  Hmmm, professors maybe though.  Hmmm.

Anyhow, here are some of the pictures that frustrated me this morning.  Note that Tommie could not, would not look at me.  She had her ears back so I know she saw me looking at her and didn’t like that big black thing seemingly pasted in the middle of my face, silly girl.

tom ignoring me








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