Life As I See It

The most important motto that defines my life is: It’s all about the dogs.  The second one is: Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before.  Was it fun, to look into a man’s eyes and see my love reflected back?  Yes, for sure.  Would I do it yet again?  Probably not.  Why? Occasionally I’ll feel twinges of remorse for lost loves, like being left out of an exclusive sorority.  But watching couples bicker makes me realise this is the happiest choice for me.  Not even ten steps inside Disneyworld, where a friend and I visited last year, there was a couple arguing.  The single lady I was with and I laughed joyously.  Oh, yeah, I gotta have that life back!  The big reason to remain alone is to enjoy time to love, care for and train my dogs.  Canines have always been and will continue to be a vital part of my life.  Would I give them up for a male relationship, an opportunity for hugs, kisses and constant companionship?  No.  Simply and completely-no.  It unfortunately has been my experience that a huge percent of men I become involved with become jealous primarily of the love, affection and care I give my animals.  Each man professes that they are different but eventually, like a religious mantra, I hear each male say, “You love your dogs more than me!”  On the one hand it’s ROFL (rolling on the floor funny).  The study of human as well as dog psychology, is very interesting . For a human to be jealous of another species is hard to believe.  Digging deeper, I believe the problem lies with the fact that the men I meet feel that ANY time spent interacting with someone or something other than the man is too much time away from them and their own interests.  So my feeling is if there is a single man out there who is confident in himself, has several friends and interests, then he won’t be jealous of the time I spend with the things that I love.  In theory each man I meet professes the ability to “allow” his woman the freedom to pursue her interests.  There are certain trigger words which cause my eyes to widen.  The use of the word “allow” is one of them. With one eyebrow raised, along with my normally low blood pressure, I give the potential boyfriend “the look”. In my mind I’m pulling an imaginery lever and the man falls into a hole in the floor.  NEXT, I shout in my  mind.  So far now I remain happily single, skinny, tanned and happy.  My dogs love me and I worship them. In my book that doesn’t make me a failure.

One thought on “Life As I See It

  1. Hi Claudia,

    How is your Dad and Mom doing? I don’t have the new phone number
    recorded anywhere and haven’t heard anything about computer problems
    in a while. Found your card and got led to you new WEBSITE. Hope all is



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