Busy Fingers, Healthy Mind

Knitting and crocheting are very therapeutic activities.  Here are pictures of my latest projects.


This “shawlette” is from the book, Sock Yarn Shawls II, by Jen Lucas.  It’s called Zuzu and is rated easy.  My rating is that it was hard but I learned how to slip, slip, knit, short rows, yarn overs and knit two together.




The last three photos are all crocheted shawls and scarfs from various magazines.  Crocheting is my fallback craft.  I can watch TV, carry on a conversation with someone while working and it doesn’t require counting.  Knitting, if I may be blunt, kicks my butt.  But it is logical, mathematical, challenging and fun.

My main goal now is to work on half-finished projects such as these fingerless gloves-img_5308.

Two more crocheted items are almost done, one that is easy, one that’s a challenge.  Every time I said to myself that I couldn’t finish something a local fiber instructor gave me help and strength and confidence.  Many thanks to Dani from Yarns and Things in Milton, Florida.