Computer, Camera and Change


My 2009 HP Pavilion Laptop is becoming very sluggish.  It’s days are numbered. It’s time to buy another mid-level laptop for my writing and photos.

After making the decision to start computer shopping, another item developed a problem.  I had switched my telephoto lens from my Canon EOS Rebel T2i back to my 18-55mm lens.  Now the camera is taking fuzzy pictures and I’m sure I’ve done something wrong in the process of changing lens.  For a long time I’ve been promising myself to return to the Calagaz camera store in Pensacola to have the Canon cleaned, along with both lenses.  Plus I’d like to buy a telephoto lens hood and exchange my awkward camera bag for something bigger.  Calagaz has a section for gently used camera bags at a decent price.

Every time I go to Calagaz I learn something new.  There are always professional and amateur photographers at the glass counters asking questions.  It is one place where I feel unembarrassed to stand there and listen in on conversations.  Then my turn comes and the employee offers suggestions and advice.  I give him my credit card and leave with a big bag of goodies.  Yet I’m still a beginner with my Canon and most of my good dog photos are pure luck.  But each time I use it I move off the auto mode, twirl the dial, take pictures and run inside to see the results.

I’ve also had a problem with my hands shaking while I’m taking photos with my Canon.  Surely I’m not the only person with this problem.  Is there an alternative to using a tripod?  Another question for Calagaz.

My eyes with their growing and returning cataracts make photography a challenge.  Is the picture blurry or is it my eyes not focusing? Sometimes I’ll look back on previous blogs and see some oops pictures.  So now you know the rest of the story.

WordPress has finally convinced me to upgrade my blog and make it look more professional.  I started blogging with Blogger and then switched over to WordPress.  I think I’ve been blogging since around 2006.  When the new laptop is here and the printer and camera drivers are installed I’ll upgrade my blog.  It’s a pretty exciting step.  But then accepting change is part of life.



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