Camera Play-Spring

It’s so pretty at this time of year.  Everything is green and promising.  But then I saw my first snake.  The brown speckled reptile (a Rat Snake, no doubt) and I both screamed and she slithered away.  I suspect snakes think we are scary and ugly too.

Planted in memory of my Mom, who loved roses.


Amaryllis in the front flower garden.

Now that spring is here there is a sweet perfume in the air from the Honeysuckle vine.

The pollen is so heavy on the bushes that you can almost choke on the smell.

Doing my part to keep the bees happy.  No mowing near the dandelions yet.

Something new this year.  This is a Larkspur plant.

I now have eleven blueberry bushes with plans to plant more.  However, it is a constant battle to keep the birds away from the berries.  I hate to put a mesh film over the bushes since it can trap and harm the birds.  Suggestions?

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