Refrigerator Art

You can tell a lot about a person or family by looking at their refrigerator.  Is it totally devoid of any photographs, memorabilia or appointment cards? Or, like me, is every inch taken up with family, dog and vacation pictures, hurricane emergency information, appointment cards as well as two giant calendars, one for the current month and one for the next month?

Those of us who show dogs have past and current winning photographs.  If you enter the home of a dog owner and see show pictures on the frig you will be regaled with a list of the dog’s accomplishments, pedigree and future shows.  The photos are a reminder of not only good times but dreams that came true.  They encourage the person to keep on working, training, breeding, etc.

Many people have pictures of their families, including kids that have since grown up and graduated from high school.  But they were so cute then.  Now they live far away and have families of their own.  Those were good days worth remembering, a moment in time that warms the heart.

My own refrigerator has a mix of items from my last trip to Cambridge, New York, to author Jon Katz Open House.  The blond dog, Bodie, was just a little puppy at the time.  I was still contemplating whether to buy him.  Naturally he had already wormed his way into my heart, thus the more adult picture of him in my back yard.

Its time to change out my refrigerator artwork, as I call it.  I’m wondering about having a theme, starting with black and white photographs of my animals.  Of course, that means a trip to the craft store to buy some magnetic sheets, the ones that have a sticky side so I can attach photos.

People with pristine refrigerators make me nervous.  Have they nothing to celebrate or remember?  But perhaps their brand of refrigerator is not metal on the front, thus they have no choice.  That will never happen to me.  I’d be nervous without my calendars, reminders and photographs.  This is art for people who consider themselves devoid of creativity.  Refrigerator art is one day going to catch on in homes across America (more than it already has) and you’ll see oodles of ideas on Pinterest. But you saw it here first.

What is on your refrigerator?

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