Errand Day

Razzie, "stinkless"

Razzie – “stinkless”


Yesterday I wrote down my long list of errands and this morning I checked the list twice, even numbering where I should go first, second, etc., all very efficient, and well planned.  But if you own animals you know that plans can change or be delayed at a moments notice.

My four Border Collies had a nice run in the back yard early this morning.  Not ten minutes into my walk around the perimeter brown and white Razzie came running up to me…covered in wild animal dung.  Two of my four dogs love rolling in stinky stuff, feet up in the air, rubbing the stench deep into their coats, then pushing their muzzle and ears around in the slimiest of piles.  This morning Razzie must have bathed herself in the whole pile.  There was none left for Catcher who remained pristine.  But, oh the smell from Razz!

Bodie always gets his paws dirty in the morning, even on the driest of days.  So we all went inside and he and Razz had some time out in their crates.  Maybe Razzie’s poop-covered body would dry off while I did my errands.  Wallow in your own stench for a while Razz, I smirked.  I left perfect Tommie to guard the house and asked Catcher if he wanted to go for a ride with me.  He ran to the garage door.  Thank goodness for my errand list.

Today’s life lesson was all about doors, interior doors to be specific.  All doors are not created equal, which I found out when I decided to upgrade the fifty-year-old varnished doors in the house for nice white doors and silver/nickel  hardware.  Some wise guy decided that now all doors must have three attachments to the frame, not two (and there is a fancy name for the thingies that allow the door to swing open).  Also the attachment sizes have changed.  Oh, and the door size has changed.  Doors are taller now.  If one really wants a new and fresh look one must hire a door specialist with fancy tools to install new white doors and hardware.  Nope, I’m not doing that.  The painter I’ve hired can paint the existing doors.  Easy-peasy.  I thanked the Lowe’s employee who was a font of information.

But wait, there was another surprise for me at the store.  Two, count them, two men started up a conversation with me.  My age, good looking, pleasant.  That never, ever happens to me. What was different about me today?  Go with the flow, I said to myself.  Don’t ask.  Definitely the morning was improving.

From there I went to a consignment store to search for an old craft table, not too small, not too big, not too expensive.  There it sat in the middle of the huge building, which was filled with all kinds of furniture, a rustic-looking white kitchen table, although not quite what I had in mind.  I wanted more of a conference table but with six chairs, maybe an insert, the kitchen table is perfect.  But no impulse buying I said to myself.  Maybe I’ll buy it later and maybe not.  Think about if for a few days, I thought to myself.  My inner cheap self was fighting with my bad shopping-get it, get it, get it self.  The salesman was very helpful although when he said I should buy it immediately because many people were thinking about buying it too, I had to laugh to myself.  I was the only one in the store.  But good try, mister.

The next stop was all about Catcher.  He “needs” a new collar, a martingale, and two new toys for his new home and new adventure, Catchers Higher Calling  .  Later I got a call from the Uncle who was in a large warehouse filled with pet supplies, located a couple of hundred miles north of me.  He too was buying “necessary” items for Catcher.  Who knew that a man could be as crazy about dogs as a woman?

In my quest to clean the house, to throw out, sell or give away useless “junque” I have a pile of Dad’s suits, winter coats and sweatshirts that need a new home.  Since some of the items are very nice I thought I’d stop at a clothes consignment shop near my home.  The owner laughed when I mentioned men’s clothing.  Her store is for women only.  She said men don’t buy clothes for themselves.  In the parking lot was a husband napping in the car while his wife shopped inside with me.  Of course, there I was in the store, and not one to waste a good shopping opportunity I had to look around.  Sure enough, there were some clothes I couldn’t live without.  But did the grey sweater I picked out match the tiger-striped jacket?  What the heck, I thought, I’ll ask the owner.  She said, oh, no, and dropped her eyes.  Do you want some help picking out clothes?  Always, I said.  She found a dressy white top that looks great with the jacket.  Then I found another jacket, red, more for casual dinners with the dog show gang, and grabbed a very stylish scarf to match.  Again I asked the store owner if the scarf looked good with the jacket and again, she grimaced and immediately picked out something that was perfect.  I asked her if she could always shop with me.  I have no fashion sense, since I’m always wearing a jersey, zippered sweatshirt, and jeans.

Back home stinky Razzie awaited me.  She is such a doll.  Most dogs would have run when the shampoo bottle came out but she dutifully walked up to me and got her self de-perfumed…until tomorrow when she’ll find another scrumptious offering in the yard and my plans for Christmas eve cooking will be postponed.  But that’s just part of living with animals.  Life can sometimes be unpredictable.



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