False Spring, Garden Dreams


My four Border Collies love their morning treat of two frozen blueberries each.  They line up in the kitchen and daintily take the blue morsels, only two, they know that, never three or more.  Satisfied, they walk away.  But that has transferred to a fascination for blueberry bushes.   Each morning they circle around the dormant bushes in my back yard, scratching the ground underneath, perhaps waiting for a chance to gorge on fresh berries.  But it is December and most of the bushes and trees are in a rest period.  Yet when I took the dogs and my camera for a walk around the yard I saw evidence that spring may not be that far away.


The Azalea bushes that live wild in the woods nearby are starting to show nice green buds, promising red flowers in several weeks.  The Camellia tree has already produced one single pink blossom, which immediately died, not strong enough to withstand the cold nights.  But the tree is filled with buds.  In January the tree will be covered with flowers, announcing that soon the cold and rain and wind will move on and spring will return.


Today the weather is like early spring, seventy-one degrees.  In my mind I could see my new garden filled with tomatoes, squash, herbs and who knows what else.  I have a row of blueberry bushes that were planted last year and my plan is to add another parallel row.  Soon a local business will arrive and install a fence, 15′ by 45′, enough to keep the dogs out and my dream of a nice country garden contained.  Meanwhile Pinterest and various garden magazines grab my attention.  Unfortunately, I know the wild little brown bunnies will dash out of the forest, across the yard to find my new garden and maybe even the curious fox.  They are safe here.  I am only a voyeur into their lives, not a threat.  I will share my bounty with the wild life, except maybe the mice or always ravenous squirrels.  I’m not that nice.



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