In Four Words

bird two step

One day while traipsing mindlessly through Facebook I came upon a  great suggestion for struggling writers-“Four Word Story Starters”.

And that, as they say, was the end of my day.  I was off on a tangent, eat breakfast, think of an idea, grab a pen and write it down, start to walk out the door and again, an idea would come to me. No matter how stupid or bizarre, I wrote down my four word story starter phrases.  As I drove across town my mind was consumed with ideas.  Stop! I yelled at myself.  You’re becoming consumed.  An hour of knitting class soothed my smoking brain cells and the ideas for more writing prompts died down.

See what you think of my list and try to come up with some of your own:

Black tail, now silent.

We turned, shoulders slumped.

Shoeless, Shaking, Pale, Dogless.

Midnight sky, two moons.

My name is Never.

His Turquoise eyes glowed.

Her fingers changed emotions.

Yesterday was the future.

He won, nature lost.

Green trees, now blue.

Black hole, worlds gone.

The cat emotes love.

The dog spoke first.

Parched lips, iced tea.

Care not and die.

Heaven is not heavenly.

Finally, I know all.

The mare neighed forlornly.

Albino cat follows silently.

Sun sets, east sky.

Wait, he warned wordlessly.

Mute, yet he spoke.

You hate me too?

Enough!  He bit her.

What if enough isn’t?

Once dead, now infinite.

Gold-blue leaves swirled.

He rarely thanked her.

Soylent Green-lunch-Grandma

Wishes and horses galloped.

Blood drawn, donated-addiction.

Drone on, third eye!

Too many nights darkened.

Time-a Mobius loop.

Wordless goodbyes, promises broken.

You would too, right?

I am imperfectly perfect.

Do not touch the.

Words are brutal bullets.

Ghosts and fog danced.

Old dogs bite idiots.

The dog’s shadow vanished!

Electric lines now dead.

Vincent Price-Poe-King.

Mountains echo back replies.

Cats are earthly ghosts.

Dogs are heavenly gods.

Volts charged.  Atoms split.

A campfire’s woodsy cologne.

Flames like lipstick streaked.

Acorns-bullets pelting down.

Tea-a hemlock brew.

Final tears of wisdom.

Ten toes, silly digits.

I sing dog songs.

Old, sad and dogless.

She clawed the sky.

Time is ignorant, faceless.

Shivering, my bones clicking.

All books scare me.

Seven pages more. Must stop now….must sleep.





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