On Being Loved By A Cat



Essie is lethargic, opinionated, bold, shy, a dictator most of the time but she can be a benevolent queen.  She watches me and sometimes watches over me, follows me at times or simply ignores me, bullies my four Border Collies, demands food and water at all times, purrs and snores at the same time, will come running to a whistled song but hates to be called by her name.  She is NOT a dog.

Essie is my shadow, cuddly, affectionate in small doses, with the distinct ability to give mean, haughty looks to anyone who dares glance her way or touch her without permission.

She is an enigma yet a typical cat, a former stray with a past that she keeps secret.  But now she is mine; the perfect cat for a four dog home.



2 thoughts on “On Being Loved By A Cat

  1. I have a similar cat. Mine enjoys making the dogs go crazy. She also goes out the doggy door and brings home lots of presents which I would rather forgo.

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