Dog Rescue & Self Promotion


I’ve backed off from trying to rescue the stray Border Collie that I wrote about in my previous post.  There is someone who professes to have more experience with Border Collies than me.  He/she will try to befriend the dog.  In the end both of us want what is the best for the stray Border Collie and I wish the person well.  I have offered my assistance in capturing the dog but it has not been accepted.

I’m not “into” dog rescue anymore; been there, done that.  Several of us assume this is a local breeder’s dog, who in fact has a kennel about ten or so miles south of the dog’s location.  The breeder is, um, paying back his debt to society, shall we say.  It’s unknown who is caring for his dogs in his absence.

The problem “for me” is that on Facebook many people assume that everyone else is an idiot and needs to be educated.  That “they” are the experts, that only “they” know what is best, no matter the subject, never taking into account anyone else’s age, experience or education.  There is rarely any attempt to ask about other’s ideas.  So when someone won’t consider my suggestions it makes me feel devalued, worthless.  Rather than fight, a useless battle online, I choose to walk away and consider other options.

Let’s put the record straight.  I never put myself out there as an expert on anything.  It is a very uncomfortable position for someone to put me in.  My dogs are my passion.  What I bring to the table is life experience, sixty-five years to be exact.  There is a difference between being an expert and being battle scared.  Although the two often go together, just because you fell and got up it doesn’t make you an expert.

I started with an out of control Lab/Collie mix that a 4-H leader said was beyond her help, her level of expertise.  The 4-H leader led me to a military veteran who taught dog obedience classes.  My learning process about dogs and dog training continues to this day.  But as for me being an expert?  Nope.  I’m not anywhere near that goal post.

If people on Facebook want to self promote I say go for it, not that I believe it though.  What happened to humility?  Oh, well, at the end of the day I can only accept what is in my heart, which is a lifelong love for dogs, cats and horses.

It is hard to step aside when I see suffering but life goes on.  My need to help dogs will pour out onto my own pack.  The make me feel safe, secure and wanted.  They do not self-promote nor do they denigrate me.

I am hoping the Border Collie I call Rebel is caught, that he is taken to a veterinarian, that he has a micro-chip with current owner information.  I hope that he is able to live a long and happy life.  But rather than drive fifty miles out into a desolate area, only to be told I don’t know anything about dogs and that I should step back, I’d rather instead call Dog Control and talk to one of the officers about the situation.

I am, after all, not an expert but I am, OMG, a major revelation here….a passive-aggressive person.  Hey, I never said that I am perfect.  But I can’t get the dog out of my mind.  He deserves all the help he can get.

2 thoughts on “Dog Rescue & Self Promotion

  1. I like your post re: the stray BC very much. I don’t profess to be an expert either. What I wrote yesterday and I don’t know if you read it or not, was something that had worked for me. I just know that animal control people might can help if they dart or if anyone uses a dart they will need to follow the dog until it goes down. I am surprised that anyone calls them selves an expert. There are few experts unless they have personally rescued numerous feral dogs SUCCESSFULLY. After reading about the BC I can’t get it out of my mind either. I really hope that the person who did not want your help knows what he/she is doing and can save this beautiful dog from death.

    I live in Texas and I’ve used a trap x2. It is lots of dedicated work to rescue a dog. I merely used what was the easiest method to get these two dogs. I’m not able to do those things anymore- I am 79 years old and LOVE all my dogs that were saved from death on the streets and bi-ways.

    Best regards,


  2. I have seen our dedicated Dog Control work tirelessly to capture two dogs who for months outwit everyone. But finally the dogs were caught. So I know the officers are the best. Unfortunately the BC’s location is way out in the Toolies. But I’ll ask for Dog Control’s help. Now it’s getting hot and ticks and snakes will enter the picture. Darn.
    Wow. You are 79! You too have life experience, much more than me.
    I’ll post any updates about the dog if I hear anything.


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