Catcher Reads My Mind


Once a month Catcher has an appointment with the local veterinarian for an Adequan shot.  The shot, injected intramuscularly,  promotes the formation of healthy cartilage and joint fluid and keeps the fluid going between his hip joints.  Catcher suffers from poorly formed hips, aka hip dysplasia.  The shot is obviously painful for him.  But he adores the staff, knows the drill at the vet’s office and never hesitates to pull me into the room for his shot.  He always rolls over on the wrong hip too, having figured out how to avoid the shot.  But seconds afterwards he jumps up and goes over to the vet tech for some love.  It’s as if he apologizes for being a bad patient.  The staff loves Catcher though.

This morning he and I had an early morning appointment.  I put young Bodie in his crate since I don’t trust him yet to behave in my absence.  The two girls usually rush me to the garage door since they like to go for rides in the van.  Don’t ask my why but sometimes they go off to lie down and take a nap.  Somehow they know they won’t be allowed to go with me.  As I hurried to get ready today I looked around for Catcher, saying his name to myself.  Don’t ask my why I did that, maybe so I wouldn’t grab the wrong dog?

Now I’m a huge fan of science fiction but although I’d like to believe there are people and animals who can speak wordlessly, mind to mind, it is still a woo-woo idea.  But sometimes, when an animal, in this case, a dog responds to something I’ve said wordlessly to myself, it stops me in surprise.  What?  Did that just happen? A coincidence?

I said Catcher’s name in my mind again as I walked closer to the garage door…and Catcher came running.  The other dogs held back.  Now what kind of signal could I have unconsciously given him so he knew today was his appointment and afterwards he would accompany me on several errands?  Can anyone explain that to me?  It is true that Catcher watches my every move.  It is true that he “hopes” to go for a ride and an opportunity to meet people, any people, he loves people, wiggling his butt, whining as anyone and everyone pets him, scrunching his eyes in pure ecstasy.  But what signal did he pick up from me to know this was HIS day with me.  Huh?  Can you explain that?  Otherwise this dog just gave me a sci-fi moment, a Dean Koontz Watcher’s moment.  I know one thing.  Catcher is very, very smart so maybe this was all a coincidence.  Right?

2 thoughts on “Catcher Reads My Mind

  1. That could be but I’m wondering what pattern means the girls stay and he comes along. And only once a month? This is the dog that comes up and nuzzles me when my blood sugar levels drop. An amazing dog, as are all dogs.

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