The Beach and Infinity

beach greeting

I arrived at Johnson Beach, Perdido Key, Florida;

The strong winds pushed me to the shoreline,

A storm is brewing to the west,

Arriving this evening.


Seagulls greet everyone,

Looking for handouts,

Screeching out, “People, People”.

They know the tourist season is here,

Food everywhere; easy pickings.


Deep white sand,

Grabbed at my shoes.

I’m barely able to slug forward.

Lift foot, push, slide back.


Old shells litter the sand,

Bleached white shards.

I shiver and zip up my jacket,

Yet vacationers nearby wear bathing suits.

 wave crash1

Their little children scream happily

Running into the churning waves.

Though a sign warns of impending danger:

Rip Tide-Beware.

Parents nervously watch their innocent kids

Who tempt fate and step further into the surf.

 seagull in air

The Seagulls and shore birds

Share the windy beach.

Only the seagulls effortlessly

Glide a foot above me on

Invisible steams of air.

They show off and dip and land,

Then jump into the strong wind

Gliding without visible support again and again.

bird two step

favorite bird


The horizon reaches to infinity,

Or so it seems.

At least to Cuba and beyond.

The sea ever-changing and never-changing.

 churning sea

I’m counting on you,

My salty friend,

To never leave me,

To never change,

To always be there.

Soon I’ll return in shorts and t-shirt

And dip my toes into your multi-colored depths.


Introducing my creative muse.

Introducing my creative muse.

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