Dog Shots

I’m finding that when photographing dogs that some are hams, some are afraid of the big camera eye staring at them, and some dogs are blasé.  Some dogs are young and still need to grow into themselves, and some are old and gray but still living the good life.  My goal is to capture the inner spirit of each dog, the little something that separates each animal, that gives special meaning to their owners.  I’ve started photographing friend’s dogs but will wait to get their permission before posting.  So here are more of my own crew: Bodie the ham, Tom tracking invisible scents and occasionally catching up with the others, and Razzie posing confidently or worrying because I was on the wrong side of the fence.  Catcher was off eating fallen bird seed.  He, as always, marches to the beat of a different drummer, independent, but he will stop and pose for pictures when it suits him, always showing off his one blue eye.

bodie print2chase me

chase me2trio yeswaiting 3


Okay, enough cuteness.  Time to take a road trip.  Horses?  The beach?


2 thoughts on “Dog Shots

  1. I adore collies, their intelligent penetrating look , loyalty and love of working All of which you captured in these great shots. The second one is my favorite ..the chase looked like fun

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