Release of Fear

Three months ago I bought a used Canon 70-300 mm lens for my Canon EOS Rebel 2i.  But for three months I didn’t feel knowledgeable about its use.  What if I broke the lens?  What if I dropped it?  Or didn’t attach it right?  For three months I played the fear game in my head.  Today I thought what the heck? Go for it.  Computers don’t bother me.  If something doesn’t work hit a button until something, anything happens and then go from there. So why not with this lens, I thought.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from my first session.  Besides learning to face my fears, I decided that it is time to take some lessons and get off auto.  Life is too short to fear trying something new.

bodie print



squirrel home

tom print

spring water oak


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