January Knitting and Beading Projects

first knitted shawl

My first big knitting project is finally finished.  It was started in November and finished in January.  Why so long?  Because I had to learn new stitches, alone, without anyone next to me.  But along with You Tube and the LYS (local yarn shop)’s owner the difficult stitches became easier and easier with even mistakes fixed without me panicking and screaming in frustration.  Finally the end was in sight, the shawl was bound off, pinned on an old yoga mat, sprayed with water to block it and the project is finished.

Jan knit shawl

At the same time I needed a break and worked on a beaded bracelet from the 2015 Beadwork magazine.  It’s called Slinky Serpentine Wrap and was designed by Rose Kasallis.  The bracelet can be wrapped several times around my wrist or it can also be worn as a necklace.  Either way, it was fun and relaxing to make and feels soft and expensive.

Slinky braceletslinky bracelet on wrist

This year I’m trying something different, making one knit project, one crochet project and one beaded project at the same time.  When one craft becomes frustrating I can switch to another.  Usually the dogs let me know when it’s break time though when they hear me muttering to myself, unlike my old dog Levi who would run from the room.  He hated to hear me angry.

My question to myself though is why, oh why, did I pick three difficult patterns this time?  What was I thinking?  One project, a knitted Infinity Scarf had to have 250 stitches cast on without running out of yarn using the long tail method.  Now to learn a new way to do a seamless start on circular needles.  The yarn is very fine, variegated and beautiful, Cape Town Collection’s Sakkie, kid mohair, merino and nylon, color 408, and the pattern calls for seed and stockinette stitches.

The crochet project is from a book that caught my eye in the LYS about felting purses.  I found a light red purse to crochet, the project listed as easy, with embroidery and rows of beading added at the end after the purse is felted.  I’ve never intentionally felted anything.  There was the time I felted my grandmother’s crocheted afghan by mistake in the wash machine and dryer, but that’s our little secret.

Then, last but not least, a Facebook seed group’s project for the month is beading tiny teapots.  Someone mentioned something about using two needles on the project which is guaranteed to drive me into a tangled mess.  Oh, well, the teapots are outstanding, either added onto a necklace or displayed on a shelf.

So there you have it, three “fun” projects to keep me out of trouble or drive me insane.  I’ll get back to you on which.  But at least I’ll have many opportunities to push each craft to a higher level.  That is scary.  I hope my procrastination muse doesn’t come by and sit on my shoulder.  I hate that mean critter.  She says I can’t do a thing.  I’ll fail.  I’m too old to learn new stuff.  It’s time she gets a good shove out the door and into the cold wind.

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