Border Collie 2, Human 1


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Except for one over-exuberant four-month-old Border Collie who was sitting quietly nearby a minute ago.  Then he disappeared.  Gone.  Silence.  Not good.

Look here,

Look there. 

Could it be?

The front living room is blocked off to all but The Cat.  But there behind the plastic dog show ring gate was The Puppy, chewing on The Cat’s bedding.  He was removed from the front room, the gate pushed snuggly against a chair to deter a future escapade.  Silence reigned again.  Wait.  It’s too silent.

best one

Look here,

Look there. 

Could it be?

The Puppy easily returned to the front room, the gate unmoved, still wedged snuggly against the chair.  The Puppy’s eyes sparkled, his tail wagging as he played with The Cat’s blanket, Cat fur hanging from The Puppy’s mouth.  How did he get in there?  He’s too young to jump over the gate.  An ah-hah moment.  He’s slender enough to walk through the diamond-shaped gate, like an open door, no doubt a behavior witnessed when The Cat easily slipped through.  They are in cahoots, The Cat and The Puppy.  Human is doomed.

in the act


Now an ex-pen is set up in front of the ring gate until a pressure barricaded gate can be purchased and installed.  Human must pay money to outsmart Border Collie Puppy.

Score count: Puppy 2, Human 1.  The winner gets The Upper Hand (defined as the upper position).

Note to self: male Border Collies are much more mischievous than female Border Collies.  They are the engineers, the builders, the planners, the rocket scientists.  Einstein wasted time on E=MC squared.  He should have studied the Border Collie mind, possibly an intelligent life form from a distant planet, here to foil human lives.  Beware.  They have a wicked sense of humor.

Be very, very careful Santa.  The Border Collie is watching….

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