A Rorschach Test

hooker shirt

Each of us looks at things differently based on our experiences, upbringing, religious beliefs, education, etc.  It doesn’t mean that what you interpret as real isn’t real or true.  It is perceived as true or real to you.  In order to conform though your perception of reality must fit in with what humanity sees and believes.  Still, what you see and what I see may be two different things.

So it was that I was taken aback when a man looked at me recently like I was a two-bit hooker, sourly gazing at me slowly from my head to my toes. We were both random shoppers at the local Walmart, of all places, not church.

Earlier this year I had purchased a bundle of summer t-shirts at a local thrift store. One particular brown shirt had odd markings on it but nothing that meant anything to me.  Yet every time I wear it some (not all) people give me weird stares.  But when this Walmart man looked at me like I was a slut it worried me.  After he turned around I looked down at myself to see if there was anything obviously wrong with my appearance.  Nope, all zippers were up and buttons buttoned.  What the heck is it about this particular shirt that draws so much attention? Once home after the Walmart incident I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror.  And laughed.  It turns out the shirt is a bit of a Rorschach test.  Do you see “it”?  Shame on you.

The words below the strange symbols read, “West Virginia”. A friend suggested maybe the symbols have something to do with a ski resort or a college.  Do you see the symbols as words, perhaps Ghent (ski resort) or WVJC (West Virginia Junior College)?  What do you see? What message am I giving the world?  Because, darn it, I’m too old to advertise as a two-bit hooker.  My price is much, much higher.

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