The New Canine Cop

Razz wearing a leaf necklace.

Razz wearing a leaf necklace.

A few moments ago I returned to the house after spending a good part of the morning training three of my four dogs.  In between training I had to stop to let puppy Bodie outside to potty and to work on his off lead recall.  So the two of us were in, out, in, out of the training building.  Did that wear him out?  Nya.

When I came inside and lured him into his x-pen (using the word “crate”) he continued to bubble over with exuberance, yipping, snarling, barking.  This from a ten to eleven week old puppy.

If I had not seen what happened next I would never have believed it.  After a brief five days Razzie decided she’d had enough of the puppy’s shenanigans.  She walked over to the x-pen, looked at the puppy, growled and walked away.  Bodie turned around subdued and went to sleep.  There’s a new cop in town and her name is Razzie.  She has clearly taken over the spot previously held by my departed Levi, who demanded that the house be quiet and all the dogs were to be well-mannered.

There is some discussion on Facebook about whether or not there is such a thing as a pack mentality in homes with multiple dogs.  One often-followed Group leader believes Alpha dogs do not exist and goes on to state at length why and how the correlation to wolves is misunderstood.  All I can only say is that in all my years of owning multiple dogs I’ve had one dog always rise to the top.  Fortunately, what I call the Alpha dog has never tried to undermine my authority but has complemented it.  For now, I appreciate Razzie’s new-found authority.  You go, girl.

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