The Wild Child

This morning I started my Border Collie puppy, Bodie’s, new routine. I took the dogs outside to potty, inside to eat, outside to potty.  I ate my breakfast while Bodie played with his toys.  He seemed uneasy so out we went again.  He got mentally stimulated by all the wonderful smells, the other dogs, he peed but forgot what else he needed to do and tried to jump on Tommie (bad idea).  So I brought him inside where he started to bark loudly.  OMG, now what did he want?  Razzie nuzzled me like I was not “getting” the picture.  Bodie painted a clearer “picture” in his x-pen.  Stupid human.

While I showered little hyper-puppy took a nap. Then we went to the training building to begin our first training session.  After fifteen minutes I decided his attention span was about shot and I ended on a good note.  I took him outside to potty. He sniffed at the blades of grass and acorns and smelled the wind and tried to pull the leash out of my hand and forgot what else he should do outside.  While training one of the other dogs, Bodie, without warning, “painted” me another picture of what he and I forgot while he was outside.  I breathed deeply, laughed and remembered that this too shall pass, that this is my Last and Final puppy.  Moments like today are tomorrow’s funny memories.

After training the dogs we went inside where Bodie still had an overabundance of energy. I’m happy to report that he is finally napping.  Whew!

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