Living in The Now

chasing sprinkler
Every morning, sunrise,
Running in the back field,
The dog’s feet covered in wet grass and sand.
Then breakfast, a quick nap for the dogs.
I wash dishes, make the bed, wash dog towels, vacuum,
Grab moments to relax.

I relish the sound of happy dogs stretched out on the floor panting,
Golden Girls on the television,
A list of chores written haphazardly in a notebook,
On the kitchen table:
Bills, phone calls, yard work, recipes, Dad’s care.
Another list, another page, a dog list of training, vet visits, show entries;
The same thing every day.

Until I turn on the morning news.
Change is coming,
Lives will never be the same.
For now I’m happy to be with my dogs,
To live in the moment,
To hide behind their warm bodies
And forget the impending

For now I’m making memories,
My head in the sand,
Watching the grains of time fall through
The hour-glass of life.

Someday I’ll look back
And remember The Now,
Peaceful moments, dogs running,
Never ending lists,
Reading, writing, creating,

While around me haters
Change the world, working to
Take my freedom away,
So all I’ll have
Will be my memories,
Of morning routines and a consistent life
Well lived.

Because wars and hate
Can’t take the memories
Away from me,
Of warm days and a life
Well lived,
And dogs tired from
In the early morning dew.

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