And Then There Were Four

It’s all your fault, you who didn’t grab up this adorable red puppy that I mentioned in my blog post,  Five Border Collie Puppies.  I clearly told you I didn’t need a fourth Border Collie. I emphatically came right out and said the red female puppy didn’t fit the bill for my obedience show goals. Excuse me, but didn’t I tell you I could never replace my beloved Border Collie River, who still rests in my soul although long deceased?

When Red Girl was finally sold to a man who already had an older Border Collie I thought the pup was finally starting her new life. Within twenty-four hours he returned the pup because she didn’t get along with his older dog. Faster than a speeding Greyhound (the dog not the bus), Red Girl traveled swiftly back to Pensacola. And still no one wanted her. Was I the only one to fall head over heels in love with her soft red fur, her goofy ears and wide eyes?

Tempting fate I asked the breeder to bring Red Girl when the breeder came to my barn to temperament test three seven-week-old puppies. I held Red Girl in my arms. So stupid of me. What was I thinking? It was like I was contemplating having an illicit affair. What will people think if I dare bring her into my home? Tempting fate once again I spent ten minutes teaching her some basic obedience exercises: heeling, recalls, sits and drops. Like River, she learned quickly. River, I thought tearfully, are you giving me a sign? It would be just like him to do that, with our bond having been so close.

Trying to be rational I didn’t keep the pup-then. Tommie had to be spayed ($) and there is that upcoming trip to New York ($$). My car doesn’t hold three dog crates, let alone four. I’d need a new car ($$$$$). Levi would be livid, I thought. The cat will roll her eyes and sharpen her claws. My friends and neighbors may call me a hoarder, mentally unstable or plain outright tell me to my face that I’m an idiot. Well, like that bothers me-not.

A friend emailed a picture she had taken of Red Girl sitting on my lap.  Look at that goofy face, filled with silliness and simplicity.  You know she’s going to be the class clown.  Her expressive eyebrows are an artist’s dream.  Doesn’t she have a look of adventure on her look-at-me face?  Well bring on the clowns, party of six-four Border Collies, a cat and me.  It appears I’m smitten and crazy, don’t forget crazy.  And in love.

But like I’ve said, what would my life be like without dogs?  I don’t ever want to find out.

Introducing RAZZ, aka Infinity’s Riverdance.


In memory of River who I know in my heart kept putting this little girl in my path.

River in his youth.

River in his youth.

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