The Truth About Puppies


Look at them, a plethora of puppies, a cornucopia of cuteness, an ocean of opulence with their rich jewel-tipped fur and sparkling eyes.


How can we resist? Each fragile heart represents a new life, a new start, a chance to warm a person’s life. Each soft face, each muzzle tipped with a drop of black as if from a paintbrush, God’s signature. Each puppy speaks to us of dogs lost, the dogs of our youth, the dogs who helped us bridge bad times to good. We say, “There’s something about that puppy. He reminds me of another dog, another time. I remember once…” That’s how puppies find their new people. That’s how puppies are chosen for their new homes. They start as a link to the past, one thread left on an almost empty roll. But as the string runs out the puppy weaves new memories, a new tapestry. As it should be. We are surrounded by the ghosts of dogs past. The new puppy lets the ghost move on, safe in the knowledge that their human is surrounded within the sphere of a new puppy’s love.

Let me lead you down new paths.
Let me teach you patience,
How to love.
It’s a heavy responsibility for a young puppy but we are their purpose, their job.
Are you ready to step up to the challenge, to accept the love of a dog?
Your life will never be the same.



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