More Puppy Testing

For the second and third time this summer a local Border Collie breeder brought two litters of seven week old puppies to my building. A mutual friend came along to give each fuzzy pup a temperament test.  I learned a lot as I watched how the young dogs reacted to various sounds, toys and distractions.   I played the roll of a proud grandparent visiting her grandchildren. I was able to cuddle each puppy but didn’t have to deal with the midnight potty runs, potty mistakes or feedings.  At the end of the testing all of the puppies went back to the breeder’s home, soon many would travel to their new homes.

No.   I didn’t fall in love with any puppies from these two litters.  Didn’t I already say I don’t need four Border Collies?  Do you really think I’m that crazy?  Hm.  I think I hear snickering from my dog friends.





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