The Interstate Spirit

Many, many accidents have occurred on Interstate 10 in Florida at Exit Seven, specifically the area about one-hundred feet before this very busy exit ramp. My intuition told me several years ago to be alert and careful when driving through that area. You can believe me or not, laugh if you wish, but I believe there is an angry spirit there. Perhaps someone’s grave was disturbed during construction of the highway. I don’t know or understand the reason why someone’s soul has not departed to the heavens but instead remains floating there. I feel it is a very old spirit seeking vengeance. Therefore be alert. Be vigilant when driving westbound on Interstate 10. He will suddenly pull your vehicle’s steering wheel out of your grip, confusing you and then he will laugh when you hit the state exit sign. Over and over I’ve seen the sign lying on the ground, an indication of the spirit’s power. He will exact his toll in blood when you dare to pass his sacred ground. This is what my feeling, my intuition, my gut tells me. You can see the evidence where the green grass has been ripped away and then the County road department has reseeded it again and again, the scars a testament to the spirits will. Doesn’t anyone else hear the spirit’s evil laughter or is it just me?

Ask the people who have survived an accident at that exact spot. They will tell you. Suddenly they lost control, their car rolling over as it headed toward the sign. It was spooky, they said. The overworked County and State cops shrug their shoulders and raise their eyebrows. Idiot drivers, they think, as they remove the dead and injured. But I know. There lies one angry spirit…waiting…waiting. He’s wants to grab you to him, to shake you and tell you to go back and never pass here again. Beware. Or you will feel his power. Drive slow, hands at ten and two o’clock on the steering wheel, eyes alert and focused. Don’t even think about texting on the cellphone (his favorite). He will see that as his chance to own you.

It seems like every month there’s an accident at this exact spot. In an attempt to understand the strange coincidence my imagination, or was it my intuition, went into overdrive. Fact or fiction? You decide.

One thought on “The Interstate Spirit

  1. I know that route well now I am grate to have made it across without incident 🙂 I do go by gut and respect others though 🙂


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