Puppy Ears

big ears
Too big for her head,
Flapping like sails in the wind.
Like the Flying Nun’s cornette,
But facing downward.

Puppy Ears,
Soft as silk.
Sensitive to human touch and voice.
Alert to impending sounds of fun,
Her ears tilting back and forth.
Listening to birds, bugs and the world.

Head tilt

She hears a whistle,
Runs to the gate,
Ears tilted forward,

Ears that must have been stolen from a donkey,
Now folded back,
Against her head.
She pokes her nose in my face.
I stroke her velvet ears,
And savor the moment.

In time she will
Look perfect,
And beautiful.
Her face expressive.
A signature look.

To me she will always
Puppy ears.

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