Old Dog

He understands me.
He gets me.
Over the years we’ve been together,
If he has a bad day, joints hurting,
I make him comfortable.
If life hits me broadside,
He pokes his nose in my face,
His brown eyes staring at me,
Even though his clouded eyes see less of me.
His black and grey face seems to show emotions
Of love, being there for me
Keeping me safe.

Old dog knows the meaning of my obscure words,
Understands my intentions almost before I do,
After years of watching me, studying me.
Ever vigilant.

He wags his tail so hard his head moves,
Back and forth,
So happy he is to share my life.

I know when he’s hungry,
Needs a run outside.
He knows when I’m sad or sick.
He’s there for me.
I’m there for him.

Old dog comes to me on the first command.
Eager to comply.
He takes his job seriously.
Accepts that I am the pack leader.

We have each other’s back.
Over a decade we have spent our lives together,
Two species, almost of one mind.

Until I breathe my last breath,
Old dog will always be in my heart.

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