My Canine Helpers

free pileroll in free pile
A friend gave me a free pile of bark chips to help with the erosion problem in my back yard. Of course my canine assistants had to help me spread the pile around. Levi is the Border Collie rolling in the pungent bark. Catcher is beside him supervising. Today Catcher surprised me by climbing to the top of the pile. He wanted to be King of the Mountain.

Yesterday Levi sat on my shovel and wouldn’t move. He was clearly telling me that there was a storm coming and I needed to go inside. Levi was right, of course. I have learned to “listen” to his signals. Although we don’t speak in a verbal language I suspect he sends out images and my brain converts the images to words. It is a relationship that surprisingly works quite well. He is a smart and intuitive animal.


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