2013 Goals

I’m posting my goals for the new year for all the world to see. Again I’m not calling them resolutions, simply making a note of things I’d like to accomplish. I’m not going to look back to 2012’s list of goals for that year. This is a new year, thus its a time to move forward, not dwell on the past.
1. Train the dogs more, more, more and earn new titles. Enjoy the process this year since the journey creates the memories not just the ribbons and awards the dogs win.
2. Learn a new craft: chain maille, sewing, bead crochet, metalwork and/or working with leather (collars, leashes and belts).
3. Choose new friends wisely and be a better friend.
4. Act, don’t react to urgent decisions. Stop, think, breathe, consider alternatives and then go forward.
5. Write more, blog more, become more expressive.
6. Buy a new camera and join a photography club.
7. Travel to Tennessee, probably for a dog show.
8. Stay away from Negative Nellies and not be one myself. Accept that maybe not everyone likes me, agrees with me or finds me worthy of inclusion into their lives. Accept that I alone have the power to make and keep myself happy and positive and refuse to hand that power over to anyone else.
9. Train, train, train the dogs; analyze, read about and live, sleep, breathe all things canine. See number one above!

Happy New Year – 2013

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