Chain Maille Jewelry

Persian Bracelet and Necklace

Persian Bracelet and Necklace

Byzantine Bracelet

Byzantine Bracelet

If you like working with puzzles then you might enjoy learning how to make Chain Maille jewelry. If you, like me, are not good at putting together color combinations then you might also find Chain Maille (also called Chain Mail) jewelry easier than beading. This hobby can be as expensive as you want it to be. You can buy sterling silver, 14kt gold or gold filled, gold-plated brass, or silver-plated brass jump rings. Or you can make your own jump rings. Some people even solder their rings. I prefer the KISS method, keep it simple, stupid, so I use silver-plated brass rings I buy through Fire Mountain Gems. This is a new venture for me but so far I’m very pleased with the results. My goal is to have an experienced jeweler look at my work and critique it. This is a craft that can be self-taught using the following books, which I suggest to get you started.  This is a jewelry hobby that both men and women can make and wear.

Classic Chain Mail Jewelry

Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop

Great Wire Jewelry Projects & Techniques

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