New iPhone

It’s been awhile since I’ve written on this blog.  The main reason is that I bought a 3G iPhone.  I waited until the prices came down before finally buying one.  My Blackberry, through Verizon, was easy to use.  Why change?  My two year contract was up and more and more of my friends have the iPhone and rave about it.  The phone has a lot of cool features including excellent camera capabilities.  Now I can film my dogs at a moment’s notice and can capture all those cute times when they are being silly and/or mischievous.  If you have a Border Collie you know those moments occur several times a day.  Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t allow iPhone movies downloaded directly from my computer to this blog.  Hmm.  They must have to be set up on You Tube.  More to learn. 

More and more, the ease of using a small, versatile smart phone makes sitting down at a big computer too time consuming.  I long for the day when Verizon has FiOS capabilities in our area so I can use a laptop anywhere in the house or out in the big world.  I’m not saying that isn’t possible right now.  Wireless, wifi, FiOS are all words that are new to me.  The end result is that I want to be able to type a document whenever and where ever I find myself, save the document on a flash drive, cruise the Internet and read my emails.  If anyone can enlighten me how that is possible right now I’d be grateful.  Meanwhile my phone is near me all the time, with the “duck” sound for incoming emails quacking beside me.  How did we live without smart phones? 



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