Fall Beading Projects

The cooler air has finally arrived in Pensacola, Florida, meaning low humidity, sun and a nice breeze coming in through the window.  For me this means great weather to start beading again, in between dog training, yard work, Alzheimer caregiver duties, writing for Front and Finish, etc, etc.  My order from Fire Mountain Gems, www.firemountaingems.com, arrived promptly; my ambitious to-do list was filed in my notebook along with copies of patterns.  The project list is ever changing since the latest issues of Beadwork and Bead and Button magazines seem to always arrive in the middle of putting together an FMG order. 

The first project attempted was Pearlvescent, designed by Kelli Rae Burns from the October/November 2011 issue of Beadwork magazine, www.beadworkmagazine.com.  It is a pain to order supplies from different vendors and then pay separate shipping, therefore I made do with FMG’s supplies.  The bracelet called for antique gold 4.5mm flat, square 2-hole beads.  FMG didn’t have that color in stock so I settled for black to use as a base instead, (D47-1057SE).  The ladder stitched base calls for 34 beads which seemed kind of long for my wrist.  Ask anyone who has torn apart a bracelet because it was too big; that’s a frustrating task.  But I counted on the designer knowing what she was talking about and I’m glad I did.  During the addition of the 3mm crystals the bracelet tightened and curved slightly, making it an exact and comfortable fit on my wrist.  My color combination was: size 15 gold luster burgandy beads (A30-2456SB), size 15 transparent silver lined dark gold beads (A35-2328SB), size 11 nickel plated fuchsia delicas (H20-DB0463V), Swarovski  gold round 4mm pearls (A35-1004GP), and some Swarovski bicone 3mm Fuchsia AB crystals (A35-3168CY).  The color combination for once just blew me away.  Had I used an antique gold base with the gold magnetic clasp it would have looked even richer.  But my plan is to make a silver and black Pearlvescent bracelet down the road. 

Last night I pulled out a pattern that I had put off for a long time, the Lemon Squeezy earrings, designed by Jane Danley from Bead and Button magazine, www.beadandbutton.com.  Gold shadow 14mm rivoli’s (A32-9470CY) are encased in netting using size 15 beads in both light gold and the gold luster burgandy beads from the Pearlvescent bracelet, followed by the addition of Swarovski bicone 3mm Amethyst crystals along the edge of the rivoli.  That was yet another very successful project that looks rich and sparkles under the evening lights. 

Thank you Bead and Button and Beadwork magazine!

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