Utility A – The Journey-July 2011

As promised here are some of the videos from our less than steller Utility A debut.  My Border Collie, Levi, has come a long way over the summer, growing more confident on his articles, stand and glove exercises.  Even heeling has become less stressful for him now that he understands a play reward is only available to him when he is in heel position, not forging. He loves his home-made fleece “tugger”.  It’s a real shame I can’t bring it into the ring though.  A different  “tugger” has been a great marker for telling him he retrieved the correct scent article.  This worked much better than using a food reward received either from me or applied directly on the scent article.

The videos are from the Jackson Mississippi Obedience Training Club’s trial over the July 4th weekend.

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