Dog Training Info from Twitter

I’m addicted to another media site,  As a result of this addiction every day I learn more and more about the world around me, including information on dog training, pet health issues, etc, as well as breaking news and weather.  Heck, I even logged on to find people “twittering” during Celebrity Apprentice and found real time, usually hilarious, comments from viewers. No,  I don’t follow Charlie Sheen though.

Here are some of today’s gems I would like to share:

Calming Signals-The Art of Survival by Turid  Rugaas, from @ukdogtrainer, Nick Jones;

Making Obedience Class Mandatory  from @The_Bark, an excellent magazine, and

The Art of Learning to Be by Cheri Lucas from @cesarmillan.


2 thoughts on “Dog Training Info from Twitter

  1. I have found a recent love for Twitter too! I usually find out about the latest news story (or celebrity news) through my feed. I have also found lots of junk too! LOL


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