Beading a Seashell in a Storm

This is the project I was working on during the March thunder and lightening storm.  The Seashell pattern is from’s Just bead’n Around, Designs from the heart by Amy Loh-Kupser.  The main body of the seed bead amulet bag is done in a circular even count peyote stitch.  Then the bottom is closed and fringe added.  That was the easy part as was the necklace chain, my first attempt at a two-drop peyote stitch.  The top part of the bag is a removable lid also done in even count circular peyote stitch. It decreases up to a crown of size 6 beads.  That is where I had to grit my teeth and redo the rows over and over again, even though the instructions are well written.  Finally it made sense but only after the storm when I could concentrate.  Now you know why I wanted to finish this project.  It took about a month to complete, although I have to confess there were a couple of weeks of procrastination.  It was worth all my hard work.  This is about the third project I have done from Amy Loh-Kupser’s patterns.  Next on the agenda is her Hummingbird in Fuschias amulet bag.  This time I’ll use white Silamide thread instead of 6# crystal Fireline as I want to see if the tension will be better overall.  I’ll probably be doing a lot of beading in April as my computer continues to fall apart piece by piece by piece.  Sigh.

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