Clean Border Collies

It was sunny and 82 degrees this morning in Pensacola, the housework was pretty much done and the dog’s training session was completed.  That left only one chore on my to-do list: give the Border Collies a bath, their first for 2011.  They stood behind the fence in the big yard wagging their tails, yipping and panting, when they heard the water coursing through the aging hose.  Little did they know that did NOT mean they would be running through the sprinkler as it were a muggy August afternoon.  Levi was first to be released to the blacktopped parking area where the hose was waiting alongside the shampoo and conditioner.  He dodged my attempt to catch him and take his lead.  He sensed this was not going to be as much fun as expected.  Obedience training kicked in, he came to me and I turned on the hose again.  He wasn’t the only one to get a surprise.  My Dollar Tree fancy spray nozzle hadn’t made it through winter. It leaked in about ten different places, sending out  gushes of water that quickly covered me and not the dog.  Levi wagged his tail, his eyes glistening.  Perhaps he WAS going to be able to attack the hose after all.  My jeans soaking wet, the leashed dog in one hand and the broken hose attachment in the other, I ran over to the faucet to shut the water off.  Starting over with just the hose and my thumb over the opening to make a spray I was able to complete Levi and River’s baths.  To add insult to injury they had to submit, after the bath, to the electric dryer which I like to use to fluff their coats, allowing me to inspect the dog’s skin closely for any bumps or scratches and push out dead undercoat into the yard for the birds. 

Now I have two soft, squeaky clean Border Collies who smell heavenly and who, no doubt, are waiting for an opportunity to roll in something deliciously dead and stinky.

2 thoughts on “Clean Border Collies

  1. Sounds like you all had a fun bath time!!! Isn’t it fun when the hose goes awry:o) Oh, my girls are so with your boys on the stinky stuff, Blueberry even had to stop tracking this last time to roll in something nasty she found.


    • We have been tracking at an Equestrian Center so the dogs have had an opportunity to roll in the “good stuff”. Or even worse, to stop and nibble. Yuk.


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