Alzheimer’s – A Sad Future

Alzheimer’s is our generation’s “closet” disease, one rarely talked about.  Several of us are dealing with one or two parents or relatives who are in various stages of the disease.  But we are pretty much a silent group.  There ARE support groups.  I have never been to one.  How do they answer the questions I have?  How do you force someone to take medication?  How do you deal with someone who talks about committing suicide all day?  How do you NOT call the police and say, “Help me”?  How do you deal with a doctor whose method of dealing with a community of seniors is, “You’re old.  Get over it.  Next!”  And how do you live with the knowledge that we as caretakers are looking at our future, a genetic time bomb waiting to go off.  I may be looking at my future and it is not pretty.

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