I’m Tweeting!


Does that make me a Twit?  Almost sixty and still a long haired college age hippie at heart, I don’t want to be left behind by the younger generation.  So a year ago I signed up online for a Twitter account.  They sent me numerous emails about upgrades and welcome to the wonderful world of Tweeting.  But I never actually DID anything.  Who would I Tweet with?  It isn’t exactly like I know a lot of people who have an overwhelming need to be connected every single moment of the day.  Like: “ I just moved my left foot and now I’m moving my right foot.  Yahoo!  Another exciting day as a retired person.”  But along came 2011 and I decided to finally bite the bullet and expose myself to the world.  Eh, symbolically speaking, of course.  My Twit name is, naturally, @bordercollies3.  I sent out a message or two and now even have “followers”!  Who should I follow?  Would you believe Tweeting is fun, informative, addictive and instant gratification?  I typed into Twitter.com’s search field “Breaking news”.  Yes, I’m a news junkie and love to know what’s going on in the world as its happening.  Now I wake up in the morning, grab my Blackberry and read either Top Tweets from  www.twitter.com or read links or comments from dog people and news organizations I’m following. 

Encouraged by my venture into tweeting, at some point I’ll even buy an IPOD and IPhone so I can be even more hip, connected and with it (or whatever kids these days call being “up” on what’s happening).  Alas, at the moment I only receive texts on my Blackberry cell phone and haven’t jumped into the whole texting on the cell phone thing yet.  One step at a time, please.

If you have suggestions for interesting tweets you think I’d like to follow please send me a message @bordercollies3.  Finally, I can say I’m a Twitter and people won’t think I’m a nutcase.  Yeah, right.  🙂

 Here are my favorite dog tweets so far:


@Vetinfo-numerous articles about our pet’s health


@The_Bark-from the magazine of the same name


@Blogdogtraining-excellent videos detailing teaching our dogs obedience and tricks.  She is a genius.


The news organizations I’m following are:





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