Dog Obedience Team Competition

Dog obedience team competitions are usually not offered at trials any more.  It takes a lot of space, ring help and two judges to hold the class. But it sure is a lot of fun.  When spectators at last weekend’s Pensacola (Florida) Dog Fancier’s Association trial saw the two teams compete they were already dreaming up themes for their breeds for next year’s show.  For rules on entering an obedience team class and where it is offered see

Here are You Tube videos of Team Border Collie and Team Papillion  The Border Collie team was made up of three 10 year old dogs and one younger dog.  We did no training beforehand, just meeting minutes before the class started, (never a good idea by the way).  Had we actually worked together on the drop on recall I’m sure my red and white BC, River, (the third dog from the right) would not have come in to me when he heard another female voice.  Yet he was so proud of himself I couldn’t be upset.  I think our score was about 721?  The Papillion team was made up of dogs from the same breeder.  They were obviously having the most fun.  Team Border Collie was way too serious.  It was like the senior citizens (Border Collies) were competing against the grade school girls (the Papillion’s), who obviously enjoyed being social butterflies.

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