New Year’s Goals

Notice I didn’t say New Year’s Resolutions (the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc).  The word “goals” (the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end) is more upbeat, less demanding.  I don’t need to put extra pressure on myself at this point. This year, 2010, has been pretty good as far as dog achievements.  Levi earned four titles: Graduate Novice, Companion Dog Excellent, Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent.  My beading knowledge continues to grow.  Twice this year I’ve come close to being reduced to bug juice by two car accidents; both were diverted at the last second.  For that I am thankful.  So my 2010 goal of having fun but staying safe has been fulfilled so far.  Here is my list for 2011:

 Learn to sew.  The last time I was sewing, in high school, patterns were 99 cents.  Now patterns are $14.99 and up.  But there are sales at places like Jo-Anne’s Fabric store where patterns are down to $1.99 or less.

Learn bead embroidery either by visiting web sites online or visiting a friend in Athens, Georgia.  She knows of a great bead store near her where they have classes.

Levi’s goals: UD, Grad Open, Versatility, legs on a UDX, and the Beginning Novice title.  Continue to keep both Border Collies safe and healthy. 

River’s goals: Beginning Novice title.  Teach him more tricks for his Caring Canine therapy visits.  Otherwise he is allowed to enjoy his retired status.

Write more, surround myself with other budding and experienced writers, attend seminars, conferences; take classes at a local college.

Exercise more, hiking, biking (?) and yoga.

Become more technically savvy: use Twitter, update my blog (make it more appealing); learn HTML beyond the basics.

Find some part time employment or win the lottery.  If winning the lottery continues to elude me (apparently you have to play to win), become more frugal, save money by spending less or not at all, making do on what I have versus running to the store on a whim.  The word, “impulse buying” needs to be stricken from my vocabulary as does, “retail therapy”.  Notice that the goal, “drink less wine”, is not deleted.  A girl has to have some fun! 

Goals are fun but life does have a way of getting in the way.  We never know what will be thrown in our path.  I only know that so far nothing has stopped me from keeping a positive attitude.  Life is short.  Have fun and eat lots of chocolate!

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