Raking Leaves-The Border Collie Way

The weather forecaster said we are going to have high winds and cold temperatures.  Cold weather means I’ll be staying inside with the dogs and none of us will get any exercise.  The reason is because I’m a wienie when the mercury goes below sixty degrees.  The dogs join me in wienie status when it goes down to the 40’s.  So we needed to get our exercise before the deep freeze, which was supposed to be down to a low of 23 degrees.  Don’t forget the wind chill factor.  What better way to flex my muscles than raking leaves from under one of the big oak trees at the top of the yard?  The tree shakes its boughs furiously during the winter season.  The first time occurs overnight when I’m not looking.  I just wake up and the ground is covered with acorns and a mess of dry leaves.  The temps weren’t too bad after that first time so the dogs and I started on our task.  One dog would attack my rake; the other two would run around furiously.  What is it about piles of leaves that attracts dogs and kids?  As fast as I raked up the leaves the dogs would run through the pile. I tried to gather the debris into a plastic yard bag.  River likes to bump my arm as I pour the leaves into the bag.  Why he does this every time I’ll never know. I swear he is laughing at his little joke.  For an old dog he has a wicked sense of humor.  Both Levi and River have to have something in their mouths so they can growl playfully, shredding their toys to pieces and zipping around me.  Too bad there wasn’t another person to film this event.  It could have made it onto America’s Funniest Home Videos and won us some serious cash.  Finally I had to put Mickey in the kennel where he barked in dismay.  There really was no way I could even use the rake when he was good naturedly fighting me for it. 

The tree again dumped a few leaves during the night and a slight wind pushed them around the two acres.  Yesterday Levi and River and I got set to perform another leaf raking dance.  River had a new rope and tennis ball toy in his mouth.  Levi had a monkey fist toy I had made, which it turned out, was more durable than River’s expensive toy.  I raked; they tore around me, sending the leaves hither and yon.  A same person would have asked why I didn’t just put all the dogs into the kennel while I performed this task.  Well, there’s your answer.  I’m not sane.  This was an opportunity for my hyperactive, energizer bunny Border Collies to get some hard exercise.  The fact that they made me laugh was an added bonus. 

The wind storm never materialized, although the temperatures are going down, down, down, which is my luck.  I moved to Florida for the warm, sunny days, every day, all year round.  No one mentioned bone chilling cold.  The tree still has about a couple thousand more leaves still waiting to fall the second I turn my back.  When I go outside to walk, the dogs stop and stare whenever I pass near the rake, in anticipation of another fall dance.

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