The After Effects from the Movie, War of the Worlds

 I’ve never had a fear of the dark.  In fact I’m only mildly claustrophobic and have not met nor do I believe in ghosts-yet.  But there is one movie that scares me.  Really, it is the sound effects which scare me.  The movie is the 2005 adaptation of H.G. Wells, War of the Worlds, starring Tom Cruise.  Usually a movie’s sound effects are so overblown and theatrical that I am merely entertained. But the noise the aliens in War of the Worlds make when they initially make their appearance surprised me in its familiarity and feeling of impending doom.  Now that I’ve moved to Florida I hear and see thunder and lightning a lot.  Each time a bad storm passes through Pensacola I feel stressed and am reminded of the movie.  I know the Florida storms are a weather phenomenon and aren’t warnings of aliens coming soon over the horizon but a part of me is uneasy.  No other movie has left me with such a residual feeling of fright.  I’m not a psychologist nor would I see one to explain why this movie makes me so nervous; something from my childhood obviously, certainly nothing that I can remember.  Watch the War of the Worlds Movie trailer  and you will hear what I am talking about.

 As a teaser, here is another movie I found on the Internet today.  I was surprised to find out it is based on a true event: Unstoppable Movie trailer .

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