Things To Do During A Heat Wave

Alright already.  I’m done with this hot weather.  Last summer, my first one in Florida since I was a kid living in St Petersburg, was kind to me.  I thought, well, this isn’t too bad.  I can survive this.  Then this summer it started getting hot, hotter and even more hotter.  That is not a grammatically correct sentence but it paints an accurate picture.  Or maybe a jpg file showing the flames of hell would also suffice.  So what to do during weeks and weeks of intense heat and humidity?  Well, dog training has definitely suffered.  Utility training has progressed but not at the rate that I had anticipated.  No more moments in the kennel/garage doing stands, signals and articles.  The jumps have to be set up in the yard either early in the morning or not at all.  So what else to do?  The heat has forced me indoors to do more computer work, work that I haven’t done in eight to ten hour stretches since retiring.  So I made a list of things I’ve put off for years and said I would do if I became really, really bored.  Like now.  The pictures stored on my computer are now separated into files, with names like “Dogs”, “Nature”, and “Genealogy”.  All my dot doc files are finally neatly organized.  Now I just need to back up everything onto my flash drives.  Those little key chain items are so handy.  If there is an emergency that is one item I’ll grab.  I don’t want to lose all my dog pictures and journals I’ve written since I was a teenager. 

One big project was to teach myself how to download movies from my Sony Handycam DCR-HC36.  One brave, steamy hot day I decided this was the big moment and downloaded the software that came with the camera I bought back in 2005.  But when I tried to open the icon it didn’t work.  So I went to and looked up the driver/software files to download.  That took half an afternoon and I was pleased with myself when I opened the icon and it actually worked.  Wow.  This is great, to be able to send movies right from my computer.  Not so fast.  The computer didn’t recognize the hardware, the USB cable.  Back to where it said that the driver download was included in the file I just downloaded.  I restarted the computer but no luck.  Back to the Handycam’s booklet where it gave details on where the USB cable information would show on my computer.  Nope.  It didn’t download.  Now I’m in way over my head.  Lucky for me our computer guru, Harvey Williams, is coming by to help dad with his computer woes.  I’ll bet this is something stupid, silly that I missed and I’ll have egg on my face. 

Another thing on the list is to hook up the VCR/DVD player to the flat screen TV.  That looks easy too.  At this point I’m not overly optimistic. 

Sometimes it is frustrating being a female with no mechanically inclined genes.  For example I decided to make and sell PVC chutes for dog training.  PVC is pretty cheap.  How hard can it be to create “U” shaped, double “U” shaped and square boxes out of pipes?  That is usually where I run into trouble, thinking something is easy.  Sure enough I bought a PVC/copper pipe cutter, half inch and three quarter inch pipes, ninety degree elbows and “T” connectors and some dark green paint.  Walking alone through Home Depot with a couple of seventy inch pipes was pretty funny.  I’m sure there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that I was not a plumber since I was wearing shorts showing off my tanned and skinny but non-muscular body.  The pipes just barely fit into my Subaru.  Carrying them into the garage was also dangerous.  Watch out dogs.  Here I come.  They followed me around wondering, I’m sure, what the heck this meant to them.  They know all things eventually revolve around their world.  The pipe cutter did not come with instructions.  It must be so easy even a pseudo-blonde can use it.  Then why wasn’t it cutting through the unwieldy pipe?  With sweat dripping into my eyes, and curse words flowing from my lips I discovered the obvious.   You have to turn the cutter and as it cuts you turn the bottom screw handle on the cutter to increase pressure on the pipe.  Well, who knew?  It worked.  Let’s not even talk about the fun I had using spray paint on the cut PVC bars.  Apparently you have to have some talent to end up with a nice even paint job.  Practice makes perfect, assuming I do this whole process again and again.  And what is all this supposed to accomplish?  These PVC structures ensure straight front, finishes and go backs for our dogs.  The green paint on the pipes ensures that the pipes aren’t real visible in the grass and on green ring matting.  When the dog and I go into the ring I hope that the dog will have muscle memory from all the training with the bars.  This hopefully means straight fronts where the dog’s toes are tucked in and the dog is sitting directly in front of me.  It really is a nice dog training tool.  I’m making them to sell cheaply to women who are even less mechanically inclined than me, if you can believe there is actually such a person. 

If this heat continues who knows what other mischief I’ll get into.  If, or should I say BIG IF, the video camera driver is working no one will be safe from my camera.  There are a lot of funny people out there and most of them seem to walk by me eventually.  Can I bring my Handycam to Walmart?  If this hot weather continues and all my long term chores are done that may be next on my list, to film and download Walmart shoppers to

2 thoughts on “Things To Do During A Heat Wave

  1. hey there…. I about wet my pants laughing at your blog…..but the idea of painting my pvc boxs (made by my husband ’cause I am way too impaired to do them) green never occurred to me. How Clever!!!!

    Good luck with the heat. I am so not a morning person but want the UD’s bad enough that I’d have to get up early to train and then take a nap about 9 AM!

    Not to rub it in but I just came in from training (10 AM our time) and it is about 65 degrees with very light rain


    • Thanks Carolyn. Painting the PVC was only part of the “fun”. After cutting the plastic you have to sand the edges so the connectors fit. And sand and sand and sand. There must be a secret to getting this to work easily. I can only imagine the fun I’ll have when I join you in returning to sewing!!
      We are finally having somewhat cooler weather or what I call, dog training weather. Yahoo.


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