Another Step Towards the UD goal

This weekend we came another step closer to obtaining Levi’s UD. He earned the first leg of his Graduate Novice title. We have some things to work on, specifically and always, heeling. He did a nice drop, the longest distance we have done, both recalls over the broad jump and with the dumbell were great. However, he is not one to forget that the judge has his dumbell. When he saw the steward walk toward me with it in his hand his little eyes got big. She could have had a steaming hot steak in her hand. His ears pricked up and he rose up a bit on his front toes. “Oh, boy. Now we can have fun!” He seemed to say. I am still working on the handover of the dumbell to the judge after the recall. He is so preoccupied with it leaving my hands he can’t think. I remember a trick Sylvia Bishop taught for this specific problem. You teach the dog that you too have a dumbell, hidden under your shirt. If the dog thinks there are two dumbells he isn’t as heartbroken over giving one up. I will be working on this. So if you see me sporting a big lump under my shirt you’ll know what is going on.
Levi should be entered in the Rally Advanced ring. He is under control and I think it is time. Maybe we need a weekend of just Rally for both dogs? $$ With Graduate Novice to finish, Novice B still available to us and his debut into the Open ring I’d better start playing the lottery again.

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