Under the Old Oak Tree

Although not officially summer the temps are warming up, making dog training a daily challenge. Fortunately an old oak tree spreads its ample limbs over a wide area in the back yard. The challenge each day is to confine my obedience ring within the shade the oak tree provides. I usually train about 11am in the morning. The dogs look forward to our training time because it usually involves treats and toys. In my mind I would think they’d say to themselves, “Oh, crap. It’s too hot to do that stuff. Go away!” Amazingly the competitive spirit between them helps me. If one is in the kennel, he is jealous of the other being trained. So when it is his turn he’s willing to fork over obedience exercises I request of him in exchange for a piece of the action. It has also become apparent that one dog watching another do a certain skill set helps the younger dog to learn. Kind of like, “Oh, so that’s what she wants!” To motivate me to train I sit down in the shade with some Front and Finish articles I’ve saved over the years. It always helps to have another perspective on problems that are universal in the sport. Usually within ten minutes I get excited to try something that has worked with a more experienced trainer.
Notes from a recent training session:
Levi-start with jumping which he loves, work more on fronts with chute and close work; “Get close”-with collar old fashioned way; doing great on “around” command, doing poorly on “about turn”. Wide-lazy, used food throw as well as Sylvia Bishops’ method. Stand much better, work on stand-sit-down stays. Work on broad jump, running over/past like the old days.
Mickey-doesn’t work well in heat, start over with retrieve, be more consistent with my training; amazing-he is doing distance signals with River.

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