Blue Tubular Peyote Necklace

I had made a green odd count tubular peyote necklace when I still lived in Oregon. I received a lot of nice comments but several people asked if I had one in blue to sell. So recently I made this one. Sure enough, someone asked if I had one in purple. Currently I have an order in with Fire Mountain Gems for some purple/violet beads and Szarovski cystals to make one in purple. Hmm. I guess I should make one in red too. Future tubular peyote necklaces I make need to have some more variation, maybe dangles off the side and bottom or a mix of strung beads and tubular peyote. Either way this is another easy project. I used size 8 beads and some large triangle beads that I had in my stash. As luck would have it I ran out of large beads and had to order more for the last 2″. Oh, well.
After this project I found instructions in the magazine Step by Step Beading for a Russian Spiral necklace. Along with netting that is easy and fun to do and opens up a lot of possibilites for variations. A new friend is asking about bead crochet necklaces and bracelets. I have done them in the past but need to gain more confidence in finishing the ends. Should I use cones or weave the ends together? I also tried to teach myself the African helix stitch and decided it was something I should save for another day. It IS beautiful so that is on my list of things to learn along with tubular Herringbone.

3 thoughts on “Blue Tubular Peyote Necklace

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