Border Collies and Books

Last night I finished Jon Katz’ book “Izzy and Lenore, Two Dogs, An Unexpected Journey, and Me,”. It is so well written, drawing tears during the reading of the Hospice visits and smiles while looking at the black and white pictures at the beginning of each chapter. This morning I went to his web sites, and The pictures show an unusual eye for detail and color. Forget the writing, Jon, show us the hundreds and hundreds of photos you mention taking during the writing of the book.
It was interesting to note that Jon has links to both the compliments and complaints about him on his main web site. While I’m sad that a movie about Jon and his dogs will ruin this wonderful breed I can’t put the man down for loving a breed that is both intelligent and loving. We all live by learning from our mistakes and he is no exception. How he handles the complaints and attacks against him is his business. My “business” is reading his books and enjoying the fantasy of the picture he is drawing in his words. I love his dogs along with him as he describes the same Border Collie traits I see in my three and will overlook, as I’m sure other readers will, the sometimes human traits he gives them. It is unfortunate that people will see the upcoming movie and read his books and take for gospel that all Border Collies are gentle, quiet, hard working beasts. In reality, from my so humble experience, they are indeed those qualities but also do NOT do well in an environment which does not allow them to work. They must have a job and being sedentary in a small house can make them frustrated and future candidates for the local shelter. At some point I’d like to see Jon address the problems he dealt with getting his rehomed dogs used to being house dogs…details, Jon, details. The public needs to see this breed is not for the sedentary. But if you are looking for a creature to help you lose weight, meet new people and introduce you to the worlds of herding, agility, obedience, tracking then this might be the breed for you. But be prepared for a dog that gives new meaning to the word “power naps”. They are the Donald Trump of the dog world.

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