A Happy Return

A vacation is not a vacation without my dogs. Thus this moment describes the relationship I have with my dogs upon returning from a three week trip away from them.

We were together again. We were safe. I could hug them at any time not just imagine it.
I howl in imitation.
Levi returns my howl.
His is joyful.
It is our game.
We are communicating happiness.
River has a bone in his mouth,
Like a dead cigar.
It gives him confidence.
He cannot quiet his excitement,
Without something in his mouth.
Mickey loves to bark.
Bark at nothing;
Bark at the other dogs.
They herd me.
They herd each other, A nip here or there,
To hurry the herding,
A curled lip for being rushed.
River is the adult,
The keeper of peace, the one in charge.
Levi wants to be with me.
Mickey wants to be alpha.
He cannot-he barks instead.
Mickey barks and barks!


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