How to Lose Weight in this Fat World-Part I:

Everyone who looks in the mirror in disgust reaches a point where his or her “weight number” is just too high. For some people the number may be 110 pounds and for others it can be 300 pounds or more. At 5’4” my number became 160 pounds. When people made fun of me, when I looked 4-5 months pregnant, none of my clothes fit anymore and size 14 was becoming tight it was time to make a change. Every where I looked there were magazine articles about losing weight, row upon row of books in the library on becoming healthy, thin and happy. Some of the books and articles were drastic and some required a fat bank account to buy organic foods, use expensive vitamins or purchase a special piece of exercise equipment. I was determined that there had to be an easy way to lose this ugly fat that was making my life so miserable. The answer is oh, so simple.
“Eat to survive, not for fun.” Stop and look at every thing you put into your mouth and say to yourself, “Will this nourish me or only satisfy me emotionally?” The answer is shocking. Do we eat only when we are hungry or because food is so readily available? Is it so bad to be a little bit hungry during the day?
In my search for the return of my 118-pound figure, I started with Kevin Trudeau’s books. His style of writing is hard to follow and repetitious but if you read all three of his books eventually you understand that what he is saying is true. The FDA is worthless, our food is tainted to make us eat more, there are natural cures for our ailments and diseases and it IS possible to lose weight in America. But to do so you have to be aware of what you are putting in your mouth EVERY day. To do so you have to stop going to fast food restaurants. I watched the movie, “Super Size Me”. It was disgusting to watch. I haven’t been to McDonalds since watching this film.
Do not eat anything with high fructose corn syrup. Do you realize this substance is even found in bread? Sugar is addictive, the more you eat, the more you WANT to eat. Look at serving sizes. I now eat a medium size breakfast, large lunch and small supper. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise every day and every opportunity. Walk places, follow Jorge Cruso’s book, “8 Minutes in the Morning”. Pick up exercise tapes from the library. Walk the dog for 4 miles in the evening. Say NO to sweets at work. Keep saying out loud, “No thanks. I like skinny.” People will dislike your will power. Don’t let them sabotage your goal. Drink herb tea if you are absolutely craving a candy bar. Amazingly by the time the tea is gone so has the urge to pig out.
It is becoming easier and easier to just say NO to fatty foods!


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